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Korey Erb, Co-Founder

Korey has been working within the digital employee benefit communication industry for over 15 years. Prior to LYWL, Korey founded and led a nationally award winning interactive communication company that worked closely with and for several large HR consulting companies, TPAs, Health Care Providers, Financial Service Companies, Banks, and SaaS companies. Korey has a proven track record of creating unique recipes of award winning creative design, custom programming, interactive, video services and mobile development to help companies engage, educate, entertain and motivate their employees to become better health care, benefits, wellness and retirement consumers.

At LearnYourBenefits he’s helping the LYWL team produce exciting digital web and mobile content and solutions specifically for the small and mid-sized employer market, allowing every employer, regardless of size, provide innovated web and mobile education and engagement at an affordable price.

Korey holds a Film/Video degree from Internationally recognized Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. He lives in Richfield, MN with his wife, Kristin, their two boys, Max and Jax and their dog, Storm, who you may have seen running freely without a leash in your neighborhood. If you catch her, you can keep her.

Korey enjoys movies, travel, new technologies and Green Bay Packers football.




Brian Gezella, Co-Founder

Immediately before joining LearnyourWorklife Brian was a CFO, COO, and strategist consultant for multiple startup technology companies and businesses ranging from $1mm to $1 billion in revenue. Before then, Brian’s unique skills found him working as an officer at healthcare marketing experts and best place to work, StoneArch, in Minneapolis, MN. Before StoneArch, he filled diverse roles in public accounting, consulting, technology, and organizational development.

Brian lives with his patient wife, two rambunctious sons, and a unique yellow lab in Maple Grove, MN.




Mitra Sangroula, CTO

Mitra has been working alongside Korey on employment benefit communications projects for over 10 years. With multiple award winning interactive projects under his belt, Mitra has been involved in every step of interactive product design, development and deployment.

Mitra enjoys playing tea time with his daughter, and drinking real tea.

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